Sunday, September 12, 2010

ICC in the Media, Update #4

The ICC has received less coverage in the media this week in comparison with recent weeks describing the Bashir in Kenya incident. However, the event is still generating media attention, primarily concerned with the consequences of Kenya's choice to ignore its ICC duties. Some, such as the Institute for Democracy & Leadership in East Africa (IDEA) have criticized Kenya's choice domestically, saying that the invitation compromised Kenya's commitment to justice, rule of law, and democracy. Other criticisms have come internationally, such as from the EU Parliament, who has censured Kenya for its actions and plans to ensure the item is fully addressed at the upcoming Tripoli Summit. In other news, the ICC has begun distributing ICC educational materials in Kenya to aid the new office approved last week dedicated to the on-going investigation into the 2007-2007 post-election violence. 200,000 booklets entitled "Understanding the ICC" have reportedly been distributed through a popular newspaper, and are hoped to provide answers to questions Kenyans may have about the investigation and the ICC. The witnesses gathered throughout the investigation, reportedly comprised of 320 individuals and 76 communities, are said to be supportive of a speedy and complete investigation, including inquiry into the roles of President Kibaki and Prime Minister Odinga in the violence. Although this move is outlined within the Waki Report, it is unclear whether the Office of the Prosecutor has investigated these figures yet.

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