Monday, November 22, 2010

ICC in the Media, Update #13

Today ex-Vice President Bemba is set to begin his trial at the International Criminal Court. Bemba is accused of commanding an army responsible for mass murder and rape. This trial is the third to be commenced at the international tribunal since 2002. In other news, the ICC has begun preliminary investigations in Nigeria and Honduras, the latter involving last year's military coup of the president. In the Kenya investigation, Luis Moreno Ocampo has confirmed that he has not and will not be using the two witnesses implicated last week by KNHCR. Former Education Minister William Ruto's visit to the Hague has been recently demystified. It has been reported that the visit was one of four requested by the Office of the Prosecutor over the past several weeks. The three other individuals implicated are two unknown Cabinet Ministers and a former top security official. These visits constitute some of the final steps in the Prosecutor's investigation into the post-election violence, which he hopes to present to the Court later next month. Photo Credit: Daily Nation.

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