Wednesday, June 08, 2011

LA Times Publishes Letter to the Editor by ICC Alliance Leader in Response to Op-Ed Urging the US to Join the ICC

The following, written by a leader of the International Criminal Court Alliance, an AMICC alliance in California, was published by the Los Angeles Times on June 1:

Re "Contempt of court," Opinion, May 26

Marine Lt. Col. Butch Bracknell correctly argues that joining the International Criminal Court is in the best interests of the U.S. diplomatically. In many parts of the world, the ICC is seen as the only real opportunity for justice to overcome impunity for national and political leaders who are complicit in atrocities, usually against their own citizens.

U.S. support for the ICC would help diplomatically, and it would also align the U.S. with our NATO allies on the side of the rule of law applied equally to national or political leaders for atrocity crimes.

It is another resource for international justice, stronger than sanctions but not as costly as the use of military force.

The U.S. must find ways to work more fully with the ICC.

Sean Butler

Los Angeles

The writer is treasurer of the International Criminal Court Alliance.

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