Tuesday, October 25, 2011

AMICC Convener Addresses International Law Weekend in New York

(L to R) AMICC Convener John Washburn, CICC Convener William Pace, ICC President Sang-Hyun Song and NYU Professor Jennifer Trahan. Photo by Amber Lewis.

On October 22, AMICC Convener John Washburn addressed the American Branch of the International Law Associaiton's (ABILA) International Law Weekend at Fordham Law School. Washburn and the other panelists addressed the various challenges facing the International Criminal Court. He identified three issues relevant to AMICC's advocacy in the United States intended to rebut the criticism of ICC opponents:

  • Adequate oversight of the Court by its governing body, the Assembly of States Parties.

  • Sufficient funding for the ICC.

  • Upholding equality of arms and the rights of accused persons.

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