Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ICC in the Media, Update #57

This week all eyes have been on Kenya. Reportedly judges at the ICC will announce whether they have decided to pursue charges against the individuals known as the "Kenya Six" for crimes against humanity on January 23, 2012. The Pre-Trial Chamber may choose to confirm (or refuse to confirm) any or all of the charges against the suspects, or may request that the prosecutor provide more evidence.
An ICC spokesperson has conveyed a message from the judges for Kenyans to remain calm in the wake of the decision's announcement. Fortunately a recent report by the African Union indicates that 59% of Kenyans believe that a confirmation of ICC charges against the suspects will not result in violence. As a preventative measure the National Commission and Integrating Commission has recommended that the government set up peace initiatives to handle any violence. Kenyan human rights advocates, including former Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights Chairperson Florence Jaoko, have spoken out in advance of the decision, emphasizing its importance to victims of the 2008 post-election violence. As we have mentioned in previous media updates, suspects Uhuru and Ruto plan on running in the 2012 Presidential campaign in Kenya. In the lead-up to the ICC announcement they have reportedly vowed to continue to run, regardless of the Court's determination. In contrast, Kenya's justice minister Mutula Kilonzo has stated that if the charges are confirmed the suspects must resign from public office and will not be allowed to run in the election. The Kenyan government has not yet confirmed this stance. Photo credit: Capital FM, Voice of America News.

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