Saturday, June 05, 2010

ICC Opponents Strike Out at ICC Review Conference and US Engagement with Court

ICC opponents in the United States, including the Heritage Foundation, are using the Court's Review Conference in Kampala to criticize the Court and to mobilize Americans to oppose US engagement with it. In recent days, several individuals associated with Heritage have published Op-Eds or reports which criticize the ICC and any involvement with it:

The authors recycle many old arguments against the ICC and its supposed threats to US sovereignty. To learn about responses to them, read AMICC's Case for Conservatives and previous responses to misleading Heritage reports.

Mr. Raezler is also posting daily Freedom Alliance blog reports from the Review Conference which misrepresent what is occurring in Kampala. For the real story, follow AMICC's blog, Facebook and Twitter as well as daily summaries of the international NGO Coalition for the ICC.