Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New York City "Reckoning" screening with Culture Project

On Tuesday, August 4th, AMICC teamed up with Culture Project and filmakers Paco de Onis and Pamela Yates for a screening of "The Reckoning" documentary.

Over one hundred members of the community joined engaged with panel members for a post-film discussion with Christine Chung, former Senior Trial Attorney for the ICC (far right) Gabor Rona, International Legal Director, Human Rights First (second from right), Pamela Yates, Director of "The Reckoning," and Paul Van Zyl, Executive Vice-President, International Center for Transitional Justice (far left).

AMICC Outreach Coordinator Hannah Dunphy communicated the current priorities for the U.S. campaign for ratification of the Rome Statute, particularly the need for the Obama administration to engage positively with the upcoming Review Conference of the Assembly of State Parties.

Audience members generated letters to the administration, and left inspired with ideas on how to engage their respective organizations and communities towards U.S. ratification of the ICC.

Weren't there to send a letter to Obama? Don't worry! Send one electronically and tell Obama why the U.S. needs to support the ICC now! -Click here-

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