Friday, March 30, 2012

New AMICC Lubanga Verdict Advocacy Documents

Thomas Lubanga Dyilo, convicted by the International Criminal Court of enlisting and using child soldiers in his militia, Forces patriotiques pour la libération du Congo (FPLC), in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Following the landmark conviction of Thomas Lubanga Dyilo at the ICC for enlisting and using child soldiers, AMICC has reviewed and analyzed aspects of the judges' verdict that are important to AMICC's advocacy in the US. We have prepared two documents on the Court's judgment, a background paper and talking points which were researched and drafted by our colleague Anjie Zheng. They deal in particular with questions of due process and the fair trial rights of the accused, as well as the benefits of the trial to victims who were able participate in the proceedings and may later receive reparations from the Court.