Monday, November 16, 2009

US Delegation to Attend Assembly of States Parties Meeting in The Hague

US Ambassador-at-large for War Crimes Mr. Stephen Rapp confirmed that the US delegation will attend as an observer for the first time at an Assembly of States Parties in The Hague:

"Our government has now made the decision that Americans will return to engagement at the ICC," Rapp told a news conference in Nairobi, adding that this was consistent with a shift toward greater engagement that started in 2005."

The Eight Session of the Assembly of States Parties which will take place in The Hague from 18-26 November 2009 will provide a monumental positive step in US-ICC relations. Although any debate about the US joining the ICC could be years away, Washington is "looking to engage with the ICC to ensure that in places where there are no other avenues for accountability that it will be an effective instrument for ensuring that individuals are brought to justice," Rapp said.

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