Monday, May 17, 2010

[Looking Ahead] Sri Lanka and the ICC?

The International Crisis Group today released its study into the final months of the prolonged Sri Lankan Civil War that ended last May. The report used Rome Statute definitions to determine if any atrocity crimes – genocide, crimes against humanity, or war crimes – had been committed by either the Sri Lankan government or the Tamil Tigers organization. Ultimately, the report concludes that both sides had individuals who went beyond international law at times, and in doing so committed horrific crimes against civilian populations. Sri Lanka is a non-member of the ICC, and therefore the ICC does not possess jurisdiction absent a Security Council referral. Nevertheless, the goal of the wider ICC system is an end to impunity for those who commit the worst crimes, so it is entirely possible for this case or others like it to be subject to the ICC in the future. Check out the full story and report here. Photo credit: Welt Online.

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