Sunday, September 26, 2010

ICC in the Media, Update #6

This week the media has remained focused on the investigation in Kenya, particularly in light of Mutula Kilonzo's (a powerful government MP) recent remarks opposing the ICC's involvement. Kilonzo's comments have forced the international community to again question Kenya's support of the ICC investigation, which was doubted only a month ago by Kenya's failure to arrest Omar al-Bashir. This loyalty has been further called into question by a Mombasa man who has brought suit in a Kenyan court alleging that the ICC probe is inconsistent with the newly adopted constitution. The details of Kilonzo's actions as well as the court proceedings have been summarized by NTV Kenya in the following clip:

In the face of this opposition, several prominent Kenyan MPs have stood up for the ICC's involvement in the region, and have publicly accused Kilonzo of trying to "derail" the justice process. In addition, a recently released poll documents that the majority (54%) of Kenyans are in favor of an ICC trial, with the remainder split between forgiveness and use of local tribunals. Local media has been saturated with criticisms of those opposing the ICC investigations, claiming that they are trying to sabotage Kenya's new start and they underestimate the power of the ICC in preventing future election violence.

The ICC has also responded to Kilonzo's statements, with Chief Prosecutor Ocampo stating that he is confident that Kenya will cooperate with the investigation, and that Mr. Kilonzo himself has reaffirmed his commitment to the ICC. The Office of the Prosecutor will be relying on this cooperation while its detectives perform investigations in Kenya from September 27 - 29, 2010. Photo credit: Daily Nation.

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