Thursday, April 21, 2011

ICC in the Media, Update #27

Since the Kenya hearings we posted about last week the ICC has garnered little media attention. Perhaps indicative of this, stories covering an ICC judge's request that lawyers not wear their wigs due to the warm weather were featured by numerous media sources. However, operations continue at the ICC, including the proceedings of the "Kenya six". On April 19 a Status Conference took place where Ocampo stated that he would rely on extensive documents and 20 witnesses in his case, but sought to withhold the disclosure of evidence until the safety of witnesses could be better ensured by appealing a prior ICC disclosure order. On Monday morning the disclosure process began, with Ocampo redacting the disputed evidence until his appeal can be considered by the Court. The defense has also refuted the prosecution's application to require the posting of bonds, arguing that they are unnecessary and inappropriate given the voluntary cooperation of the parties. Similarly, the court has yet to rule on this issue. The date of the confirmation of charges hearing in the case - where the ICC judges will determine if there is enough evidence for the suspects to stand trial - has reportedly been set for September 1 and 21, 2011. In other news, Egypt's foreign minister announced on Wednesday Egypt's intention to join the International Criminal Court. Egypt is reportedly beginning to take the steps necessary to achieve this goal.

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