Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ICC in the Media, Update #36

This past week International Criminal Court supporters worldwide celebrated International Justice Day on July 17. Several media outlets took the opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the ICC and the amazing progress international criminal justice has made in recent decades. Amidst this celebration, members of the international community took the opportunity to encourage state cooperation with the Court. On Tuesday during a visit in Nairobi with the Prime Minister and President of Kenya, the German Chancellor urged the Kenyan government to cooperate with the ICC in its proceedings of the "Kenya six". Reportedly the Kenyan leaders reaffirmed their commitment to cooperate with the tribunal. On Monday officials from the European Union encouraged increased cooperation from Libya and the international community in carrying out the arrest warrants in the Libya case. However, not all coverage was positive this week. Reportedly 470 victims have been prevented from taking part in the confirmation hearing of ICC indictee Callixte Mbarushimana due to a lack of staff in the ICC's Registry resulting from budget constraints. NGOs are calling for states to increase their financial commitments to the institution to support crucial activities, such as victim participation in trials. The Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo trial is now on recess, and will resume next month, at which time the ICC Prosecutor will present his last witnesses and close his case. In the Kenya case, reportedly Ocampo will not present live witnesses at the suspects' confirmation hearing as planned, and instead will rely solely on documented evidence. This news follows Ocampo's resistance last month to provide the defense with his evidence, out of fear that it would expose victims to risk. Photo credit: Capital FM.

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