Wednesday, December 14, 2011

US Ambassador Rapp Touts American Cooperation with ICC at ASP in New York

At a side event at the tenth session of the ICC's governing body, US Ambaasador at Large for War Crimes Issues Stephen J. Rapp described extensive US efforts to ensure justice for victims by ensuring protection for witnesses. According to Rapp, it is not possible to achieve justice without adequate protection of individual witnesses who are willing to testify in the prosecution and defense of cases. He noted that even though the US is not a State Party to the ICC, it is looking for ways to help the Court, including with the protection and relocation of witnesses. He reported that through cooperation with Court, the US is involved in all of the situations now under investigation.

The US is expected to make a statement this afternoon during the ASP general debate, a copy of which will be on the CICC website and the ASP website:

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