Tuesday, December 07, 2010

ASP 2010: Day 2 Summary

The day began with a presentation by the Committee on Budget and Finance. The full report can be accessed here. In addition to general budget matters the officials also spoke on governance and accountability concluding that "no officials of the court should be exempt from accountability for administrative matters". The independent audit of the Court brought up issues involving the construction of the permanent premises of the Court and called for a full disclosure of budget information. You can view the proposed 2011 budget here.

Today also saw the continuation of the general debate. The delegate from the DRC passionately spoke of his nation's first hand experience with violence claiming that "wars and all forms of violence...know no nationality". He then described the way cooperation with the ICC has allowed the DRC to vastly improve their own court system. Ambassador Stephen Rapp spoke on behalf of the United States. For a summary of his speech or for a full transcript of this speech visit the links. The general debate will conclude on Thursday.

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