Monday, December 13, 2010

ICC in the Media, Update #16

This week the International Criminal Court held its 9th Assembly of States Parties session in New York which AMICC attended and reported on. However, outside of the U.S. there have been a number of ICC related developments in the media. ICC Prosecutor told the U.N. Security Council on Thursday that the violence in Sudan continues and President Bashir has not taken action to end it. Ocampo also relayed to the Council that Sudan has not cooperated with the ICC in its attempt to ensure justice for the region. President Bashir has been invited to a summit in Zambia on Wednesday, but has yet to confirm his attendance. Zambia is a member state of the ICC, but has not commented on whether it will attempt to arrest Bashir if he visits. In other news, the ICC Prosecutor is set to name the 6 individuals most responsible for Kenya's 2008 post-election violence on December 15, 2010 when he will appear before the ICC judges. It has been reported that this event has thrown prominent members of the government into a state of panic, and revived calls for a local tribunal to be created to avoid the ICC. Photo credit: AFP.

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