Monday, June 27, 2011

AMICC Urges US Cooperation to Execute ICC Arrest Warrants for Col. Gaddafi and Others


Today Pre-Trial Chamber I of the ICC issued arrest warrants for three individuals – Col. Muammar Gaddafi, his son Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi and Abdullah Al-Sanousi, the Head of the Military Intelligence – for the crimes against humanity of murder and persecution in Libya since February 15, 2011. The warrants come just over one month after the ICC Prosecutor’s application for them on May 16. The application resulted from an investigation initiated in early March following a unanimous referral of the situation in Libya to the ICC by the UN Security Council. The decision marks the second time the ICC has issued an arrest warrant for a sitting head of state; the first was for Omar Al Bashir of Sudan in March 2009.


This challenge to the international community could prove an important opportunity for US leadership and support to the Court. The arrest warrants issued today provide a new and concrete opportunity to advance US national interests and to support international justice. For this reason and since July 17 is International Justice Day, AMICC has created an International Justice Day alert action which we hope you will use in your advocacy and share with others. It urges President Obama to help fulfill the mandate of Resolution 1970 which the US strongly supported by helping to carry out the arrest warrants issued today. Please share widely!

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