Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A New Angle to US Policy Toward the ICC: Opposing Travel by ICC Indictees

In a State Department press conference on June 27, Spokesperson Victoria Nuland underscored US support for the ICC's investigation in Libya and went on to reveal a previously unknown element of US policy:

QUESTION: Well, on that, since you spoke so glowingly of the Chinese hosting the TNC, what do you think of the Chinese hosting President Bashir? And is any vote that they participate in that relates to the ICC, does it have any meaning at all? I mean, if they’re willing to – I don’t know if he was supposed to arrive late tonight after the delay, but certainly they’re – what they’re doing flies in the face of any kind of cooperation with the ICC.

MS. NULAND: We continue to oppose invitations, facilitations, support for travel by ICC indictees. We have a longstanding policy of strongly urging other nations to do the same. We have urged China to join the international community in its call for Sudan to cooperate fully with the ICC as required by UNSC 1593.

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