Monday, March 25, 2013

US Secretary of State John Kerry's Statement Welcoming Transfer of Ntaganda to the ICC

The State Department issued this statement in anticipation of Bosco Ntaganda's transfer to the ICC:
The United States welcomes the removal of one of the most notorious and brutal rebels in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bosco Ntaganda, from Rwanda to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. This is an important moment for all who believe in justice and accountability. For nearly seven years, Ntaganda was a fugitive from justice, evading accountability for alleged violations of international humanitarian law and mass atrocities against innocent civilians, including rape, murder, and the forced recruitment of thousands of Congolese children as soldiers. Now there is hope that justice will be done.
Ultimately, peace and stability in the D.R.C. and the Great Lakes will require the restoration of civil order, justice, and accountability. Ntaganda’s expected appearance before the International Criminal Court in The Hague will contribute to that goal, and will also send a strong message to all perpetrators of atrocities that they will be held accountable for their crimes.
The United States is particularly grateful to the Rwandan, Dutch, and British Governments for their cooperation in facilitating the departure of Bosco Ntaganda from Rwanda and his expected surrender to The Hague.
Ntaganda is expected to make an initial appearance at the Court tomorrow, March 26 at 11am local time in The Hague. The hearing will be webcast.

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